Glory Of This

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Glory Of This
Glory Of This - Adoration альбом
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Glory Of This - Текст песни More Often Than Not

Set your sights on, what's wrong, you're not the first one,

To break a heart, and I'm sure you won't be the last

Goodbye, I never missed you anyway.

Confessions of lipstick on a stained wineglass,

Is all I've got (to remind me the last time you were here)

But I'll keep calling you, until your phone blows up.Glory Of This - More Often Than Not -

I'll call your name out loud, til every one in this town, knows your name!

I heard you crying, I felt heartless, for the first time.

By this time next week everyone will know your name

You're a trainwreck waiting to happen

And I'll do what it takes for you to derail

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