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General Degree
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General Degree - Текст песни My Kinda Gal

Verse 1:
First ting first and out this inna bracket
When man a sleep don't go inna him pocket
An rule number two say yuh nuffi run racket
Yuh an yuh man run a business don't tief the profit
Dis a fi every woman a di two main topic
Is don't tell lie an nuh gi yuh man jacket
Shoppin every week, a buy clothes yuh fi stop it
Nuh si every band wagon drive pass an hop it
No frighten when yuh si man a behave like a fanatic
An a busy wid yuh body a move every wey a move eratic
Every wrong she do har mumma always a back it
Cho mi nah go mek dem draw mi out fi back mi matic

My kinda gal a di good type
She haffi move right, she nuffi too hype
Musn't greedy, no, no, no, no, no, no
Police know mi business a must you go talk it
Gal yuh shouldn't do it, no, no, no, no, no, no

Verse 2:
Imagine call yuh yard and she a put yuh pon hold
Come in hungry from work an she a serve di dinner cold
Yuh an yuh personal woman deh a club a dance souls
An before di song done she pick yuh bill fold General Degree - My Kinda Gal -
That's why badman nuh look gal a club
Ease off a gal weh a run come hug
Tell har two famous Jamaican wud

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Woman a complain seh man a handle dem rash
A gi dem nuff loving but stingy pon cash
Why him do that is because him find out seh she have
A little stash, an a tek him fi idiot, oh gosh
Dishes pile up ina di kitchen waan wash
Too much one place some a drop off an mash
Cause she busy grooming har face an a comb eyelash
An a chat pon di phone till it crash
She tief out di man car an go a reggae bash
She an har friend dem pack up in deh well posh
Di way how dem a glitter an a gash
Yuh tink a lightening a flash
Dem nuh care dem jus a splish an a splash
Man an woman always in a big big clash
Police haffi come an mek di argument squash
But as di Babylon dem turn dem back she draw
Fi har cutlass
Di man haffi mek a hundred yard dash

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