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General Degree
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General Degree - Текст песни Miss Gotty

A di gal dem somen, yes a
Di gal dem so
A di gal dem somen,
A di gal dem so
A di gal dem somen, yes a
Di gal dem so
A di gal dem somen,
A di gal dem so

All a di gal dem wha know sey dem gotti deh
Show mi a signal from yuh a whappy deh
Suit weh yuh inna see di shoes wha fi matchit deh
Gwan yah gal

Verse 1:
Gal yuh nuh frighten when time yuh see money
When yuh see pretty car yuh nuh get bummy
Nobody caan mix yuh wid nutten funny
Yuh coulda neva do dat afta yuh a nuh dummy
Yuh have to much pride fi a bwoy come dunny
No yuh coulda neva mek dem drain out yuh honey
If a sweetness nuh ask a who runny
So or so any which part yuh tonny General Degree - Miss Gotty -


Verse 2:
Si da chick deh, she look good in her feather dem
Feather blue, feather pink wha feather red again
Man wake a tink bout yuh gone back a bed again
Dream as dem want yuh nuh sorry fi di begga dem
Pretty miss pretty who she deh way ahead a dem
Trash out bash and di whole a dem dead again
Fi how she look mi haffi say it to mi bredda dem
Wha cause dat if a no hot a cold weather den


Verse 3:
Gal yuh exclusive an nuff more fi back up
First place, second place, third place yuh whappy up
Every man wha fi open door but yuh locky up
Try fi shut in dem foot yuh woulda choppy up
How mi fi see some a dem a live is a drama
Dem a run dung everthing in a pyjama
An' a sample di whole bunch a banana
But yuh naw falla none a dem yah launa

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