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Dragonforce - Ultra Beatdown альбом
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Dragonforce - Текст песни Ynd


Warm blood, flowed from the veins
You hoped in their suffering
God says: I forgive you
Hell awaits, are you ready?

You can't breathe
You can't fight
Trapped as your killed prayers
Now you will pay
My sentence for your crime:
... You must die!Dragonforce - Ynd - http://ru.motolyrics.com/dragonforce/ynd-lyrics.html

Sweat of the lips, the sign of your fear
No remorse, I will see your end
Electric lightning will take care of you
Wrong or correct... I have nothing more


Leather straps, shut your hands
Hypocrisy has disappeared
I wanna enjoy the fire of revenge
My life is destroyed, it's your turn now


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