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Dragonforce - Текст песни The Pages I Never Wrote


I'll live a new night waiting for you
I'll give you all my fears
Uncanny mistress
I'll bring you in a trip
Through the pages I never wrote
Through the storms that shake my brain

Love is a danger, a razor blade
I don't have an answer
In the sea of your doubts

I don't know what curtains hide under my skin
The wish to go on a stage for my masterpiece

We are two strangers
In the desert of our minds
Maybe it's time to show the crimes
To know the reason whyDragonforce - The Pages I Never Wrote - http://ru.motolyrics.com/dragonforce/the-pages-i-never-wrote-lyrics.html
Are you afraid of walking to the truth?
And I suggest you to look inside of you
And make your dreams come true!

Tonight is colder
Can't feel you at all
You're flying away from my delirium
I don't know if you'll come back
Or you'll keep on fading
I'll walk alone like my soul teached to me

I am a stranger in the desert of my mind
Now it's the time to know all my crimes
To know the reason why
I'm not afraid of sailing in this sea
I have to live looking into me
To live all my dreams

We are the strangers of my mind
Don't know the reason why

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