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Текст песни Our Fate, Our Course

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Cor Scorpii
Cor Scorpii - Monument альбом
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Cor Scorpii - Текст песни Our Fate, Our Course

Living in the shadow
Of a curse
We have brougth
Upon ourselves
The craving for life
Eternal never ends

Looking at the future
As an endless unknown
Fear of damnation
In their eyes

Icons and symbols from
Life's altar
Hope and fear
Leading to the
End of days
Death in pain
Yearning for a
Twist of fate
I'll remain
Defiant till the endCor Scorpii - Our Fate, Our Course -

Words of light fade
At the point of death
Like leaves
Falling from a tree

A dead blackened soul
Searching for a way
A never-ending
Vortex of decay

Never fear the emptiness
The answer is at hand
Your powers cannot
Comfort you
Or free you from your
Dying breath

Death triumphant
As night and day unite
Abyss everlasting
Draped in black and grey

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