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Colony 5
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Colony 5 - Текст песни Second Hand

I always see you as my queen
I could do everything for you to make you pleased
I saw you as the most precious thing I could have
I thought you were reflecting the same feelings I do for you
But, I was wrong, yeah, I was wrong
I was second hand to you all along

I saw you sneak away in a car
With the darkest windows but even thenColony 5 - Second Hand -
I could see it so bright like stars
I followed you like the shadow I am
And what I saw tore me apart
I was your second choice and not your star

And now I can see it there when I held your hand
I can feel the dirt you're covered in all along
I despise you I don't like you anymore
And still I held on to you like your second hand clothes (3x)

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