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Beth Hart
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Beth Hart - Текст песни Nest Sensation

There's sleep in your eyes
Dawn gone - time to rise
They call this the "big world"
All that I found
Til now - confounds
Ohhhh, baby girl
To care's worth the dare
I wouldn't lie to you
I'd rather die
Why don't you go on and try that then ??
Hmmmmmmmmmm ?
No nest in this sidewalk
No nest in the sensation
I got a home
No rest in the complacence
You call hope
Hired then I'm fired
So fucking tired of
Screeching so-called teachers
Lying "Life Beth, is death desired"
Sit down...
Yeah you !
I like my, I want my,
I need my nest sensation
It feeds me, it fills me
It's deep this nest sensation
You charm me than harm meBeth Hart - Nest Sensation -
Disarming nest sensation
Control me to hold me
Complete me nest sensation
No nest in this nicotine
No nest in the sensation
Blowing rings of smoke
No rest in the complacence
Flowing me 'vo
Down below
Why do you kill you ?
Where is your will
And the dreams choking in your pillow ?
They're dizzy and I'm
Broken, broken, broken
No nest in his bedroom
No nest in the sensation
Oooohh I gotta man
No nest in the complacence
I'm in demand
Why do you fight ?
You already won
Don't you trust me ?
Your time is coming
And then you'll know some real loving!

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