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Beth Hart
Beth Hart - My California альбом
  • female vocalist
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Beth Hart - Текст песни My California

Calling California,
Is there anybody home.
Hello California,
Would you please pick up the phone.

I wanna say I love you,
but I'm a milion miles away.
I am thinking of you,
I miss you and LA.

For you and you alone,
I'll lay my monsters down.
We'll watch the sun come up over California

For you and you alone,
I'll find my way back home.
I love you like the sun loves California,

My California..Beth Hart - My California -

I have made you suffer,
Left you waiting in the rain.
While I was chasing demons
Through the desserts of my pain.

But you know me better than the
poison in my vains,
So my love remember when
God forgets my name.


I wanna feel the ocean breeze,
And let the waves wash over me.
I'll leave my winters in the sand
Hey California..


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