Bad Boys Blue

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Bad Boys Blue
Bad Boys Blue - Back альбом
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Bad Boys Blue - Текст песни All About You

Just 10 years ago. No one to lead me.
I followed my heart to where it would lead me.
My feelings went wild. I lost my direction.
But finally found the love of a lifetime. All about you. Just 5 years ago. Two hearts together.
I thought it would last. Would last forever.
The love that we shared. Just kept on going.
Don't ever forget, you're so... All about you. Just 1 year ago. Love seemed to be lying.
You didn't come home. For … dying.
It gave me the blues to be on my own babe
But in the night your voice on the phone babe. Oh baby. Can't you see?
(Ten years ago).
That I'm in danger.
(No one to lead me).Bad Boys Blue - All About You -
I can't let you leave.
(Followed my heart).
Oh baby I'm missing you.
(To where it would lead me).
Oh baby. Don't you see?
(Feelings went wild).
That I'm in danger.
(Lost my direction).
Oh I can't let you leave.
(Finally found).
I need to know now.
(Love of a life time) All about you

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