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Axamenta - Текст песни The Poisoning

Silently the wind whispers
And caresses her marble skin
It blows away the leaves of life
The shades of a love now dead

The carpathian forest where all is dark
It cries of her sins in pain
For when life has ended in bitter lies
The soul inside will soar again
Dew-drowned fields gleam in the moonlight
Sun won't reach down here
Pale, weakened yet graceful she lies
A dream or coldly real?

The blood is the life oh sweet holy wineAxamenta - The Poisoning -
I drink thee to be reborn
A ray of sunlight passed through the vein
My heart it beats lonely again

The candle of warmth faded out
Flames of passion were scorned
Their dance it stilled oh romance be cursed
Never again will I feel true


Pray for forgiveness the deeds that I have done
I watched the sunset of her life now gone
I will also take my life to be eternally hers
In the dark atmosphere of pleasure and death

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