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Axamenta - Текст песни Axamenta

Threatening clouds darken the sky
Waves torture the sea
Cold and desperate cry unleashed into nothingness

No one to understand this
No one but she

Oh Aphrodite
the spell thou hast cast is so sweet to me
let me drown in the sea of your magic

oh Aphrodite
accept this gift and hear this axamenta
and let me drown

there she was
on that lonely rock across the sea
her hair draped upon her shoulders
like satin cloth
honey dripped from her skin
making the water so sweet
her beauty
the glance of Medusa
a transition into a new and higher form
it was sweet death to welcomeAxamenta - Axamenta -

Elemental Dance

We are the end of summer
We are the dying light
We are the god's creation
From elemental might

For we who bleed under the cursed skies
On our journey to the end of time
The soil we plunder, the decay that is man's
The endless cycle, elemental dance

We are the waves of fury
That sweep on writhing tides
We are the new-born children
Stained not with blood of Christ

To ancient decorum humanity slaves
Mankind's witness the end of their race
Winds claim their season and seas their domain
Reason's voice muted, ignited the flame

Samhain... possess me with your power
Samhain.... enlighten me with trance
Samhain... devour me in your fury
Samhain... the elemental dance

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