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Aldren Liebe - Desiderium альбом
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Aldren Liebe - Текст песни Secret Sea of Tears

Your brightness and my dreams has all failed down
Your crystal chalice has passed me around
Broken and there's no a second chance
Who can see it?

When will return the angel who brings me here?
(Your angel is dead and he will never come back)
When the moment to give up will be left behind?
(Remember lady, your Angel is dead)

This time alone you can find
All the suffering to hide again

How many lifes shall I embrace your die?Aldren Liebe - Secret Sea of Tears -
the soul who don't get tired to be wrong?

The love
Buried me in a secret sea of tears
See your eyes in the mirror and bleed in your fears
We are all broken no one can give us a chance
Can we see it?

How many tears we need to swallow,
With bleeding eyes, give you my back
What is the meaning to bleed?
Is there a very meaning to bleed?

In a second chance, tears will be locked in a tired face and is frozen for whisper of death

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