009 Sound System

Текст песни Number Two

Number Two видео клип

009 Sound System - 009 Sound System альбом
  • Rousmaniere
  • Alexander Perls
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009 Sound System - Текст песни Number Two

Look at me baby would you know it's alright?
I'll tell you baby we can go for a ride
If you're hungry from searching the streets at night
The mood hit me if you're horned too
What if I showed you how I'm getting off of you?
Oh baby would you think it's alright?009 Sound System - Number Two - http://ru.motolyrics.com/009-sound-system/number-two-lyrics.html
And youÿ know you can love baby if we to
'Til dawn when the world takes you by the
And we're shattered but this is what it's coming to
As you push into drive at the risk of your life
On the streets of the night where your love comes to town
Oh it's lonely, but you can be in love too

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