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Wyrd - Huldrafolk альбом
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Wyrd - Текст песни Misantrophe's Masterplan

Hysterical, irrational.
Vortex of utter meaningless
Black Hole Delirium.
Cast into the starshaped void
The misanthrope's masterplan,
Call forth the forces of chaos
Witness the fall of the elements, invert the creation
Shimmering fluorescent black light, the ultimate reflectionWyrd - Misantrophe's Masterplan - http://ru.motolyrics.com/wyrd/misantrophes-masterplan-lyrics.html
Endless dreams of drifting in whir winds of deepest black
From the depths of Tuonela the riders arrive
Singing the age old song of death
That even the most coldhearted dread
Darkest manifestations of ungodly beauty,
Blasphemous, yet divine

The sun sets forever, the misanthrope's masterplan

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