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Tulisa - The Female Boss альбом
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Tulisa - Текст песни T.F.B

There Is An Inner Beauty About A Woman Who Believes In Herself,
Who Knows she Is Capable Of Anything She Puts Her Mind Too,
An Inner Beauty In The Strength And Determination Of A Woman,
Who Follows Her Own Path And Isn't Thrown Off By Obsticles Along The Way,
A Woman Who's Confidence Comes From Experiences,Tulisa - T.F.B - http://ru.motolyrics.com/tulisa/tfb-lyrics.html
Who Knows She Can Fall, Pick Herself Back Up And Move On,
She Is Strong When She Is Weak, She Is Brave When She Is Scared,
And She Is Humble When She Is Victorious,
She Is A Female Boss

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