Текст песни Raven Eyes

Raven Eyes видео клип

Thyrfing - Thyrfing альбом
  • death metal
  • pagan metal
  • swedish
  • symphonic
  • viking metal
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Thyrfing - Текст песни Raven Eyes

Black shapes cross the sky
Once guardians of the pagan kingdom
Christian men took our land
But they did not take our pride

Ravens wont give you any blame
'Cause no words shall be said
They will just rip out your eyes
And eat your precious heart

Raven eyes watch from the sky
You better stay in the shadowsThyrfing - Raven Eyes -
You better stay unseen

Crusaders of the cross rape the pagan land
A father and his son watch the troops
Knights in shining armour and horses to carry their gold
"Oh, please father, let me be a christian knight"

Crusaders of the cross rape the pagan land
A raven and his son watch from above
Wimps in womens clothing and mules to carry their shit
"Oh, please father, let me rip their eyes out"

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