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Vreid - Milorg альбом
  • amazing
  • black metal
  • brilliant
  • melodic black metal
  • post black metal
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Vreid - Текст песни Alarm

An open wound since World War I,

Feeding the hatred of a tyranny to come.

Empowered and selected in 1933,

The Wolf hunger rises in Germany.

Across Europe the sirens are screaming,

The eagle attacks with raw aggression,

To expand or die: the ultimate vision,

Stomping boots demands total submission.

In the spring of 1940, our shores are in the aim,

Our coastline is covered by allied mines.
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German battleships are heading north,

The day of Operation Westerübung comes forth.

Air raid sirens the first sign of war,

The threatening hum that no one can ignore,

With German aircrafts in sight

We know death and destruction are coming tonight.

Cause every way you turn,

You can see how Europe burns,

Contradictory to our leaders pray,

The war has entered Norway.

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