Текст песни A Great Man's Return

A Great Man's Return видео клип

Thyrfing - Valdr Galga альбом
  • Metal
  • black metal
  • folk metal
  • swedish metal
  • viking metal
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Thyrfing - Текст песни A Great Man's Return

Under Norve's starfilled sky
In a forest so deep and wide
Eight hooves are thundering
By the mountains darkest side
In the shadows two grey shapes
Hungry stalking their prey
A long time has passed
Since they went away

This is the call for a great man's return
Longing for the old age, let this world burn
I yearn for retribution, I want fields stained red
Odin show us that you're not dead

Northern king... return
Follow the path we make, longer for every dayThyrfing - A Great Man's Return -
Warlord... return
Your eyes in the sky will show you the way
Northern king... return
We will be waiting, thousands and thousands of men
Warlord... return
Together we will drink, fight, die and live again

Under Norve's starfilled sky
In a heathen forest deep and wide
Sleipner calm is standing
With Odin by his side
By his feet two wolves are lying
Feeding and resting in the night
A long time will pass
Until bloodred snow becomes white
Thyrfing A Great Man's Return

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