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The Imelda May Band - Текст песни Mayhem

He said he didn't even hear trains let alone a few words
The ladies the ladies mabye sayin' about him
She freacks and tells her closests friends that she'll never love again
But she'll never , no not never
Live without him

Chorus-Whouldn't belive it , if you seen it
Oh, Mayhem doo doo doop
Yeah Mayhem doo doo doop
A lotta Mayhem, woh oh oh yeah

She said he didn't mean a thing so she threw her dimond ring
Out the window of a black cab in Cabmen
He couldn't take it, what she did,
So he threw a hissy fit and he took it out on anyone
The Imelda May Band - Mayhem -

Dinning sound, lights spinning around, some mothers' son
Gotta fight or got to run run run
Run run run


Ten pints and then he starts a fight and lands himself a night
In a cell wearing grey pants and bruises
Twevle mate bangin' on the door, oh the back up vans galore
Never saw such a street full of losers


Repeat mayhem

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