The Explosion

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The Explosion
The Explosion - Bury Me Standing альбом
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The Explosion - Текст песни Thunder & Lightning

Chi Coltrane
Life is like a ferris wheel
It keeps on turning without feel
As it spins round and round
It picks you up and lets you down
Up and down and back again
The world seems to be in a spin
Will this crazy cycle ever end?
And when it does-- what then?
The sun goes down and comes up again
I can't remember where I've been
The ferris wheel goes round and round
I wonder if I'll hit the ground
I almost do-- I almost do,
But then somehow I've made it through!
The wheel climbs on-- I'm up on top againThe Explosion - Thunder & Lightning -
Where is my life leading to?
Whatever am I coming to?
Sometimes fast-- sometimes slow
It makes a circle as it goes
As I face the ground below,
I fear the wheel may lose control
I know that I've been here before--
I do no know much more
Then the wheel begins to rise
And I can almost touch the sky
It feels so good it makes me glad
And now my life doesn't feel so bad
The good and bad times come and go,
As round and round the wheel must go
And you and I -- ride this wheel of life.

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