Stone Sour

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Stone Sour
Stone Sour - 1994 Demo альбом
  • corey taylor
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Stone Sour - Текст песни Funky Milk

I've got a secret
But she's got a lot of secrets
I've got my pride
And she's got

It's kinda cruel
This fear of incantation
Well love's a game
And she's winning

No control
No beliefs
Wear me on your sleeve
She's no fool
And I'm no brain
You can't tell me
Buy or sell me
Or play me for the fool

I've seen it all
I've seen it all

We're all alone nowStone Sour - Funky Milk -
But I'm feeling so alone
She's talking politics
And I'm speechless

I'm just a statue
That she likes her friends to look at
No immortality
Just grief

Well love's a two way road
You gotta give it to receive
If I didn't care for you
I'd have half a mind to leave
Another pair of bloodstained eyes
Another broken life
Play your little song and dance
Upon the killer's life

I used to feel such joy
Just to hold your hand
But now I feel like crying
'Cause I'm not a man
I'm not a man

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