Psyclon Nine

Текст песни You Know What You Are

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Psyclon Nine
Psyclon Nine - INRI альбом
  • Jourgensen
  • Al/barker
  • Paul G.
  • Electronic
  • dark electro
  • ebm
  • industrial
  • psyclon nine
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Psyclon Nine - Текст песни You Know What You Are

Don't try to reason

No words, no words

I've seen it all before

Don't cry because it is too late

We make some people think

That's all they need to get home

Now look into my eyes

I've seen the light

The star starts in the west

We have until we cry

Last time we offer

It's going to slaughter out
Psyclon Nine - You Know What You Are -
His covered eyes

Like in a really happy ending

Don't look into my eyes

You're gonna die

Please don't kill me now

In a house of guilty hate

We go around in circles


Ignore the pain

Ignore the terror

We saw the tears

Lost in their eyes

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