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Текст песни As You Sleep

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Psyclon Nine
Psyclon Nine - Divine Infekt альбом
  • aggrotech
  • dark electro
  • ebm
  • harsh ebm
  • industrial
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Psyclon Nine - Текст песни As You Sleep

Illuminated by the machines
That hold you on this side
Anger or tear
So calm
Unaffected I cease to live
I fear my infection
Watching over your soul as you sleep
Injecting nightmares as you sleep
All I want is your purity
All I want in this world is your mind
The timeless place tamed by your psyche
Living in the world of dreams
Always sleeping unlike the feignedPsyclon Nine - As You Sleep -
Peace brought by morphine
That lay discarded at my feet
I float in blackness
Wrench myself away
Down deserted hallways filled with eerie light
The muted screams of the dying
Pierced my soul like a dull and rusted needle
As I stumble in my morphine haze
Barely conscious of the predawn light
That filters through steel meshed windows
Keeping out your life
Reigning in your death
I stumble past the coated watchers
Break into a run
Yearning for the air outside
I never stop thinking of you

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