On The Last Day

Текст песни A Welcome Haunting

A Welcome Haunting видео клип

  • Drew Preston Dowell
  • Francis Julian Gross
  • Aaron G Johnson
  • Justin M Johnson
  • Geoffrey Colin Walker
  • Rock
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On The Last Day - Текст песни A Welcome Haunting

Steal the breath from me, it's yours to take

I give it freely

Shake me from my sleep to see the things

I could have done

To change everything, to be in place

To drive you both home

Not to gravestones

Take you somewhere safe

Speak to me in memories, to comfort me

A welcomed haunting, this is my apology, this fallacy

A welcomed haunting, silence ringing through the city

Sorrow floods the streets

It occurs to me

I haven't seen where you've been sleeping

Crushed so deep beneath reality, just over six feet

What could I have done is all I'll think

To drive you both home

Not to gravestones
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Take you somewhere safe


(I am)



Echo through the trees

(Rest in peace)




(Funeral procession)

Two are missing heartbeats

(Through the streets)

Lift the coffin weight, I feel ashamed

There's something missing

The black hearse waits below

Down by the road To drive you both home

To your graves, your final resting place

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