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Noctuary - Текст песни Vengeance Before Valor

Disperse warriors of sin,
for victory shall be ours again.
From within, the stars held the truth.
Heard from in the land, cries of misery.

Black knights ravish the Earth.
To penetrate the lies of divine.
And their hearts pure in the night.
The scars endured left behind.

Through the glare of victorious rite.
As dawn emerged over the horizon.

What once was lost, regained.
Through blood our power displayed.Noctuary - Vengeance Before Valor -

Awaken the age of might.
See the glory within the
strenght of will revealed.

I go ...

The clash of steel,
the flare of hate.
In this uffering,
we thrive ...
The time has come,
vengeance will be ours.
To prove our souls

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