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Next To Normal
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Next To Normal - Текст песни Just Another Day

They're the perfect
Loving family, so adoring...
And I love them
Every day of every week.

So my son's a little shit,
My husband's boring,
And my daughter,
Though a genius, is a freak.

Still I help them
Love each other
Father, mother,
Sister, brother,
Cheek to cheek!

Natalie? It's four in the morning—is everything ok?

Natalie: [Spoken]
Everything's great, why wouldn't it be great? It's great!

Diana: [Spoken]
Honey, you need to slow down, take some time for yourself.
I'm going to have sex with your father.

Natalie: [Spoken]
Great. Thanks. I'm so glad I know that.
So it's times like these
I wonder how I take it—
And if other fam'lies
Live the way we do...
If they love each other
Or if they just fake it,
And if other daughter
Feel like I feel too...

'Cause some days
I think I'm dying—
But I'm really only
Trying to get through.

For just another day...
For another stolen hour,
When the world will
Feel my power and obey.

Gabe & Natalie:
It's just another day...

Feeling like I'll live forever...

Feeling like this feeling never goes away...

Gabe & Natalie:
For just another day.

When it's up to you
To hold your house together...
A house you built with
Patience and with care...
But you're grappling with
That grey and rainy weather,
And you're living on a latte Diana:
And a prayer— Prayer—

Dan & Diana:
Can you keep
The cup from tipping?
Can you keep
The grip from slipping in despair?
For just another day.
Next To Normal - Just Another Day -
Dan & Gabe:
In the hustle and the hurry.

You want to wipe
Your worry clean away.

Diana, Dan & Gabe:
For just another day.

I will keep the
Plates all spinning—

Diana & Natalie:
With a smile so white
And winning all the way—

'Cause what doesn't kill me
Doesn't kill me,
So fill me up
For just another day.

It only hurts when I'm breathe.

It only hurts when I try.

It only hurts when I think.

It only hurts when I cry.

It only hurts when I work.

It only hurts when I play.

It only hurts when I move.

It only hurts when I say...

Dan, Natalie & Gabe: Diana:
It's just another day A busy, busy day.
And the morning sun
Is stunning, I will hold it all together.
And you wish that you
Were running far away. I will hide the mess away.
It's just another day— And I'll survive another day.
Birds are singing,
Things are growing, And I will pray
And you wish To hold on
You could be going Just this way,
But you stay.
And you stay
And stay forever, And for my fam'ly's sake
Though you know I'll take what I can take—
It's now or never,
And you know I'm only just awake...
That for forever...

Every day is just another...
And another... and another...
I will hold it all together.
We're the perfect loving fam'ly.
If they say we're not, then fuck 'em—
The perfect loving fam'ly.
I will keep the plates all spinning,
And the world just keeps on spinning,
And I think the house is spinning...

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