Текст песни Apart

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No cover
  • Henrik Iversen
  • Vasi Vallis
  • Electronic
  • futurepop
  • recommendable
  • sokai
  • synthpop
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Namnambulu - Текст песни Apart

Hoped to fall in love with a girl like you
Never had the chance to get close to you

I was lonely
I was only

I tried so many times to be someone new
Never had the chance to get through to you

I am fading
I am ending

Why can this never end

I always wanted to see
I always wanted to see
That you were looking my wayNamnambulu - Apart -
When you were looking my way

But why would you find
Just why would you find
Someone who isn't there
Someone who isn't there

I have no heart that's sounding
I have no blood that's pounding
Though you can not see me
My feelings remain

I'll see when the end comes
I'll sleep while your time runs
And hope you will see me
When we're the same

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