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De Vision
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De Vision - Текст песни What You Deserve

Let me suffer in silence
Take me to where the mind ends
Make me feel like a giant
Make me feel like a giant-killer
Make me believe

I come for you in the first light of the morning
For you I turn wine into champagne
For you I part the sea and walk on water
You deserve first class every day

Baby gimme' a hard ride
These wounds are only slight
All we do we let things slide De Vision - What You Deserve -
Disappear into the night

Make me believe in all the things that I cannot see

For you I wear my Sunday best on Tuesday
For you I cannot set my sights too high
I ache for you now and forever
For you I grow wings and learn to fly

For you I fight the light and serve the darkness
For you I'm a mockery of man
For you I bring the flood a new world order
All your wiles were not in vain

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