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Mr. Capone-E
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Mr. Capone-E - Текст песни I Remember

[Verse 1: Mr. Cheeks]
Whoever thought this a happen?
Hey yo, that bum nigga rappin,' took it the top, now I won't stop
I remember bein' broke cause if I didn't nigga
I'd be frontin,' reminisicin' where your nigga at?
Ain't nuthin,' never thought about the hot outfits, jewelry or the celly
Back then we was in the skelly
Shorties with the barrettes, candy in the bag
The handgun, remember when we shot the fair one?
A nigga like me had the motherfuckin' pro players and my Lees on
For a nickel got my squeeze on
Fly balls off the wall in the schoolyard
Swear to gods got my first quickie in school garage
I remember those days
You and I gettin' paid
Now we got it made, oh yeah
I remember, I remember
[Verse 2: Mr. Cheeks]
Aiyo, we open gates and let the dogs chase us home after school
Until my nigga Skee got bit, yo, but that was cool
We took him to the crib we laughin', growin' up
We drinkin' liquor on the stool while he throwin' up
We runnin' from school security, besides that the 102 cops Mr. Capone-E - I Remember -
Yo, the man was my grandpops
He used to air me out, he never tried to even motherfuckin' hear me out
No punishment, but here we out
We back at it again, me and my men
Yo what was realest when us niggas ?????
And all we wanna know does anybody fuckin' care?
And why this trouble follow me every fuckin' where?
(Indistinct Talking)
[Verse 3: Mr. Cheeks]
Aiyo, we used to hot wire cars, bragged about the scars we collected
Tryin to escape from them older guys up at the bars
They never let us bang, let's act ???????
We knew they had a crew, but yo our crew was thick
OK, now we graduated from junior high
We into badder bitches, caine, getting money yo, we livin fly
We got the Jordan and ball, we got the weed and all
When Chris died yo we felt there was no need to fall
We seen it all, from welfare lines, all them good and bad times
Back then I wish I had rhymes
I got my childhood name from my wild hood
Sling still, as though it was a good thing
[Chorus] - repeat 3X

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