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Moonrock - Текст песни Amirite?

Past, Present, Future, where to begin?
Life's a game, and you better win.
Stuck in the middle, just like malcolm,
Take a chance, look at the outcome.
Anything happens, it's all your fault,
make the right choice, open the fault.
Payoff to the highest degree,
Got there yourself totally free.

Amirite? Or Amiwrong? And do you understand the point of the song?
Cuz if you don't then I don't. Can we let bygones be bygones?

Live in the present, live in the now.
Out on a limb, take a bow.
Best 5 dollars you've ever spent,
Shouldn't wonder where your money went.
Lunch for a day, or Brodak for years?
I'd buy the album, and feed it to my ears.

Moon: Moonrock - Amirite? -
People like us, because when they see us, they see themselves.

So they save it, show it off, put it on their shelves.
I'm doing things I never thought I could,
Tearing up this beat like a gangster would.
Smack it outta the ballpark faster than Don Mattingly,
Bro that autotune we tune automatically.
If you don't like it don't say bad ishh back,
I'm laughin, you're listenin, I make money off this track.

Give me a totem, I think i'm still dreaming.
Haven't woke up yet, we're gonna have every girl screamin.
I'll let this beat build till I got nothing left,
It's like we stole the spotlight: call it theft.
You can't stop what's already gonna happen,
You can't stop 6 billion people from clapping.




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