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Madrugada - Текст песни Our Time Wont Live That Long

Don't no when they put me in the ground,

I don't no if I was left alone.

All thet matters that I fallow you, on my way to the unknown baond.

It's could baby but I'm not afraid, I feel lost my life swept away.

I've been worried, but I promised thy, it so tense when you're in the life.

Ony time when you walk walk away, it was me, I'm always here, and I'm gona stay.

Lovin you can not be bad, my blod is boiling and you make my mad.

I was flying but it was very low, you let your love in coming down.

And all I thaught it was just another dome, couldnt be rigth what I found.

A montain top it's the need of time,

I'm out of my mind so lets make this night.

On my own every thing is wrong, holding on now I'm holding on.


You just have to call it out.

You know your love until your love is gone, and you know that it, that it's that strong.
Madrugada - Our Time Wont Live That Long -
Only time that you let me down, you just wouldn't let my in.

It's only time whan it's all went bad, I don't wanna figtht whith you.

Don't you know why I do,

I will never ever let you go.

I will stay with you til I die.

If my blood runs cold I don't wanna know, I'm gona cry all night long.

I wher your hart until my hart is torn, then I make up, make up my mind.

When all is gone we just stop below, wher wed go when we just gotta blow.

Everything that we got in here, don't wanna see you walking down the stairs.


Caus I need you and you know you need me, it's all the love that you left down on me. Hold me tight and I love you rigth.

I love you, I'll be ther. Baby, baby mine.

You know or time what live that long

You know or time what live that long

You know or time what live that long

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