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  • black metal
  • symphonic black metal
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Korozy - Текст песни Lord Of Future

There, amidst the sleeping mounts and misty woods
Steep path was splitting ground
Lost in dark there he was walking
The man with chest of gold upon

Bound into his own chains
Dragging these heavy shackles
And the wind sending his icy moans
And there is no moon to light the way

There's only dust and steely dusk
His soul wrapped by Satan's might Korozy - Lord Of Future - http://ru.motolyrics.com/korozy/lord-of-future-lyrics.html
To carry this chest upon the hill and have it open

Eternity brought along her servants, Pain and Suffer
And there is the cover opened
And all the Land was set in light
Painful moan is reaching up the heaven

At least the daylight comes to end forever
Whose symbol is the Moon unwell
And grieving Earth will fall in dark that never ends
And you'll be judge and ruler, one and only lord
The Lord of Future!

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