Kid Down

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Kid Down
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Kid Down - Текст песни Apples And Pills

So grab on
To your teeth and smile
They are all trying to salute you
Why not just shut it down?
It could be a solution

Chew on the pills
Skip time
At least it makes you wonder
What it is like when you fall

Bruised and all
We are standing here
Jump off
Don't be afraid, stay cool
Leave the ground

Hold on
But not too tight dear
I will not let this fall
Keep this together
It's never just one's fault
Kid Down - Apples And Pills -
You pushed the apple too far down
Can't you see your face is shifting color?

Stuck like a rock inside
Don't blame me
'Cause I warned you

You fool,
You blew your chance
But I still love the way you pulled it off

It's time for one last dance
Will you be the one who holds my hand?

Under the radar, no one can see what's wrong
Let's keep this together; it's never just one's fault

Sometimes we burn and I'm the first
Feel the sarcasm in my blood
Turn my head all inside-out
All painted eyes
Run and hide

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