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Katy Perry
Katy Perry - Teenage Dream альбом
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Katy Perry - Текст песни Bad Dream

I feel like
I've been watching
The stars as
They collide
The past
It haunts me
it kills me
Every single time
And now
My mind
Is racing
My heart
Pounds in my chest i know
i have to let you go
But I just can't forget i'm so in love
But I found your lies
Tell me
i'm having
Just a
bad dream
tonight Come wake me up
Tell me love
That it's all alrightKaty Perry - Bad Dream - http://ru.motolyrics.com/katy-perry/bad-dream-lyrics.html
Tell me
I'm having
Just a
Bad dream
Tonight (Bad dream tonight)
Come wake me up
Come wake me up
Come wake me up
Come wake me up
Come wake me up I wish
I never knew
I somehow
Figured out
Lie and tell me
You don't know
What I'm talking about How do I recover
From these pictures
In my head?
You were the love
Of my life
I sure hope
She was worth it

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