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Kaizers Orchestra - Текст песни Ompa Til Du Dor

Sven Korner was in the newspapers this Monday
Big picture from a time he danced the waltz
Yes, he took the life of Victoria
Come home, explain to Christiania
"Come here, officer, here are thousand bucks I've saved"
And give me Korner, and give me him soon

Sven Korner was in the newspapers this Monday
I've heard that he bought a pekingese
He was interested in a lot of things
Everything, from Hell to Tensing
Sven, you made it easy for us
I'll draw the last straw
Because, Sven, I have your fingerprints

I know what's in store for you
I know what it is you're hoping for
I know what's in store for you

Oh, you have a tune you think everybody will followKaizers Orchestra - Ompa Til Du Dor - http://ru.motolyrics.com/kaizers-orchestra/ompa-til-du-dor-lyrics.html
But I wouldn't follow that tune, not on my life
We're playing poker with a revolver
Having no respect for Fredrik Meltzer
Now you shall dance to our tune 'till you bleed
You shall dance Ompa 'till you Die

Think about it, Sven, how good it will be in Heaven
I hope you fold your hands before you go to bed
Cause it can get hot down here
It can be hot down here
Sven, it can get hot as hell down here

You're going down whether you want to or not
It's me who'll show you the way
And if you believe you can escape
Think again, for God is my father

Submitter's comments: 

Marcello Conradas returns after being a captive in the "Mines on 16" only to find out that his wife has been murdered by a sleazeball known as Sven Korner. He bribes an officer of the Law to bring him Korner. Now, having to endure endless torture, Sven must pay the price, and dance Ompa until he dies.

One of the first songs to be written as a Kaizers Orchestra song.

Хочется грамотный перевод на русский язык. Спасибо.

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