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Junior Jack
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Junior Jack - Текст песни Must Be The Darkness

I can't control this feelings
The darkness is calling me

It's friday, seven O'clock in the morning
Just getting up, ready to go work
One more day before the weekend starts
After my shower I drink a glass of milk
Take my keys and head for the car
It's a sunny day, so I open my sun roof
Feel the cool breeze caressing my face
No red lights, no early morning traffic jams
Everything's going nice and easy

Must be the darkness
Must be the darkness

Eight forty five, I arrive at the studio
Get myself a cup of coffee
Put myself behind the desk and put on my sampling
Make some new tracks
Lunch time go to The Garden
Today's special looks good, so I'm gonna go for that
Get a phonecall

Must be the darkness
Must be the darkness

It's Janice
Ask me what I'm gonna do tonight - shit
Like she don't know where I'm gonna be tonight
The same place I'm every friday and saturday night
Jack's place - can't wait to get my house on, yeah
It's five O'clock time to go home
Get no traffic, it feels good

Must be the darknessJunior Jack - Must Be The Darkness - http://ru.motolyrics.com/junior-jack/must-be-the-darkness-lyrics.html
Must be the darkness

Call up my friends and do the same thing we do every weekend
Pre party at my house 'round ten - yeah
It's time to eat and I'm just relaxing, watching some TV
Half past eight, time to get ready
Take a little shower, shave and floss - sure got the fresh style fit
I feel ready to go and jam
Ten O'clock my friends are waiting downstairs
Just put on the deck some tapes and feel the house vibes
I couldn't than dance and laugh
Just got downstairs and caught myself on dancing

Must be the darkness
Must be the darkness

Now we're all ready to go clubbing
Shake Sonny
Security knows us, so they don't start a drama
We own the club, put the way across and start dancing
Got myself some gin and juice and this is what I call jamming
Jack's place - you feel this

Must be the darkness
Must be the darkness

This is how I live life day by day
I ain't special
I'm the guy next to you in the bus stop
Behind you in the supermarket
The same guy the doctor is waiting go and get sick
I can laugh like you, I can cry like you
I ain't special

Must be the darkness (12x)

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