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Iyeoka - Say Yes альбом
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Iyeoka - Текст песни My Current Anthem

I believe that we have 365 days to change
To change our altitude our attitudes
To rise, to fly, to realign, to get RIGHT
I believe that we have
365 days to journey to be Amazing
To uplift from the solitude that contributes to dragging us down
So this is my current anthem
This is my Destiny of moments,
This is the song speaking from my heart so fearful of wasting days
And I want to get there
Right HERE, right now on this stage
Because lord knows getting up here isn’t always easy
So deliver me from my constant expectations of life
Deliver me from trespassing in a trance
I want to wake up and resurface
From my subliminal sanctuary of mental hibernationIyeoka - My Current Anthem - http://ru.motolyrics.com/iyeoka/my-current-anthem-lyrics.html

I want to transform as I go
I want to travel as an eagle
Wings spread like Freedom painted Magnificent
Catching wind in unison with spirits parallel to the Heavens
Because TODAY will mark the resurrection of the ROAD
And this streetcar named Desire Lead Me Home
Always guiding me from the 5 shades of my blues
Back to the direction that I believe I am supposed to be living in
And right back to my anthem

And if the world we know shall crumble
And when the stars fall out of line
Remember the road is on time with your arrival
And your next moment to shine flies on the horizon

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