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Iwan - Текст песни Wala gani

ولا جاني ولا قاللي راجعلي ولا عارف كان سابني ليه
She did not return nor did she tell me she's coming back or why she had left me وياريتو لو كان سامعني يرحمني واصعب عليه
And hopefully if she can hear me she will feel bad and return to me يا ليالي روحي وقوليله قلبي دابب وانت ليه
Oh nights, go and tell her that my heart is melting and why do you.. يا حبيبي ديما ناسيني قولي بس عملت ايه
My darling, always forget me, please tell me what I have done wrong طب اعمل ايه وارضيك تعالى تاني
So what can I do to make it up to you so that you come back لو قلت روحي دي فكي ح تنساني
If I told you my soul was yours to keep would you still forget me? مقدرش اغيب لو يوم مليش غيرك
I can't disappear even for a day, I have no one but you ولا عينين قادرة تشوف حبيب تانيIwan - Wala gani - http://ru.motolyrics.com/iwan/wala-gani-lyrics.html
And my eyes do not seek to find another lover (repeated except for the last line)
لو قلت روحي دي فكي ح تنساني
ولا عينين قادرة تشوف حبيب تاني
Tab ezai tensani لو يعرف انا ايه جوايا ده انا قلبي ح يموت عليه
If only she knew what I felt inside and how my heart dies for her بحلم لو يرجع معايا ده حبيبي وحشتني عينيه
I dream of her coming back to me, baby I've missed your eyes ولا قدار ارتاح من بعده ولا عارف ازاي الاقيه
I can't find peace without her and I don't know where to find her محتاجلك يا حبيبي ارجعلي تحرم قلبي منك ليه
I need you baby come back to me, why would you deprive my heart from you

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