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Inna Modja
Inna Modja - Love Revolution альбом
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Inna Modja - Текст песни Homeless

He's there sitting on the ground, begging for love and mercy
So I gave him a winkler and caring Good Morning
Everyboy thinks he's lazy And a bit insane
Sitting on the floor like a Baby, doesn't work, he doesn't gain money

She's there hooking on the street, begging for drugs and whisky
So I gave her my best coat and a loving good evening
Everybody thinks she's horny and a foolish girlInna Modja - Homeless -
She deserves to be unhappy, doesn't cry, she has no more tears

It's not right, to be alone in this world, it's unfair, it's so sad

I'm here crying in my bed, praying the Lord for mercy
Will he show me a greater and a hopeful good future
Do u really think I'm crazy, an utopist girl
I don't wanna be unhappy, I want love to be a salvation.

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