Human Fortress

Текст песни Damned To Bedlam

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  • Parcharidis
  • Iotis/marquardt
  • Dirk Enevold/wolf
  • Todd/parcharidis
  • Iotis/marquardt
  • Dirk Enevold/wolf
  • Todd
  • heavy metal
  • melodic metal
  • melodic power metal
  • mood pms
  • power metal
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Human Fortress - Текст песни Damned To Bedlam

Inside hidden towers

In a glorious land

Where superior beings punish mortal men

They're not human as they appear to be

Their purpose here, to torture you and me

Inside dungeons of despise

Their dark dominion marches on disguised

They were mad, they were damned

Had no way to defend

Caught in chains behind walls without doors

Empty hearts, helpless souls

We're out of control

In a hell of their raging own

We're damned to bedlam

It's the living inside, our misery burnsHuman Fortress - Damned To Bedlam -

A place of isolation far away from the free

We are sick of desperation

Unable to feel behind borders of steel

And now it's necessary for you to plead

To your inner self, examine the need

Well, it's to late to change greed into creed

And this could have been done

By doing a good deed

It drives me crazy - it tears me apart

I'm damned to bedlam and caught behind walls

I won't find innocence in my heart

There's no liberation - just no helping hand

Just pain and madness again and again

Is it were I have to stay 'till my end

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