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Hi-Fi - Текст песни Ghetto Bound

Yeah.. Mark, Mark, Mark the Shark
Here we go.. pay attention boys and girls
Dig it

Now let's set the scene, the year is eighty-two
I gotta make a stop at the boom spot then go get some brew
A quart of Olde E, no time to sip so I chug
Puff a blunt as a chaser now it's time to bug
Got the raven two-five, inside of my denim
Some said I was the child with the devil in him
But all that bull I ain't tryin to hear
It's all about gainin respect from my peers
So give me what I worked so long and hard for
Cause you'll never meet a brother more hardcore
A good head on my shoulders but I'm ghetto bound
I got heart, step to this, and catch a beatdown
Walkin with a chip, tryin to knock it off
Steppin like a champ with loot in my pocket
So, punks plays hard, understand that they givin though
respect by a brother whose lifestyle is livin low

Yeah.. here we go, dig it

Well as life moved on, things got more hectic
Things were worth more than just respect
I would snatch money bags and boost at Macy's
And never get caught, when the cops would chase me
See I was livin life like a comic book villain
Gettin in trouble when I shoulda been chillin
For nine-to-five workers it was hell
Cause when they got paid, I got paid as well
Cashin checks and now tax at gunpoint
I did it for the money, excitement and fun point
the finger or talk to the law and I'll blast yaHi-Fi - Ghetto Bound - http://ru.motolyrics.com/hi-fi/ghetto-bound-lyrics.html
Play "Silence of the Lambs" when they ask ya
It didn't matter cause my moms was scared of me
And she was never there to take care of me
Some said I was livin too fast, I had to SLOW down
Livin like a kid in the shadows - I'm low down

Yeah.. rough!
Check it out..
We gonna break it down one time this lil' funky break here
Here we go - take me back to school, dig it

Check it out, check it out

Locked up for the first time I gotta play the tough role
I'm doin ten for a body up North yo
I'm forced to shank this kid with a ice pick
A little brother never steppin from conflict
Some wanna test me and some wanna own me
I'm still snuffin out chumps to be known B
I gotta live for self and that's scary
You see I only feel safe in solitary
I never regret or feel guilt, cause I was forced to
take what I had play bad because you
never understood me or what I came past
Don't you know those other kids takin the same path
But I can handle it, well in stride
The only difference is I'm locked inside
Take it like a champ, and I'll never show no frown
Cause I'ma be the hardest kid you ever seen low down

Don't feel no mercy, don't feel pity
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, peace

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