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Gorillaz - Текст песни 19200

The world is spinning too fast
I'm buying lead Nike shoes
To keep myself tethered
To the days I tried to lose My mama said to slow down
You should make your shoes
Sop dancing to the music
Of Gorillaz in a happy mood Keep a mild groove on Here you go! Get the cool!
Get the cool shoe shine! There's a monkey in the jungleGorillaz - 19200 - http://ru.motolyrics.com/gorillaz/19200-lyrics.html
Watching a vapour trail
Caught up in the conflict
Between his brain and his tail And if time to elimination
Then we got nothing to lose
Please repeat the message
It's the music that we choose Keep a mild groove on Okay, bring it down yeah we gonna break out Get the cool!
Get the cool shoe shine!

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