Текст песни Flight

Flight видео клип

  • Gray
  • Thomas William/peacock
  • Oliver James/ball
  • Ian Thomas/blackburn
  • Paul/ottewell
  • Ben
  • b side
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Gomez - Текст песни Flight

Caught a flight, full of drugs
Shoot straight at a view
Touching down just in time
Crawl straight into you

And before the fallen graces write
And he found the diamonds in disgiuse
I've been wastin' most of my time
But I carry on
Today (what is it? ) can only improve with time
Gomez - Flight - http://ru.motolyrics.com/gomez/flight-lyrics.html
When your only a planet down

We'll go out again
And before the fall did nature's right
And we found there ain't no quick for flight

I've been wasting most of my time
And I can get along
Today (where is it? ) can only improve with time

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