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  • Ottewell
  • Benjamin Joseph/gray
  • Thomas William/blackburn
  • Paul/ball
  • Ian Thomas/peacock
  • Oliver James
  • 00s
  • animal kingdom
  • b side
  • butterflies
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Gomez - Текст песни Butterfly

Be the only one to know and be my alibi
Put on all the things you wore and wear them out
We'll collide before you know and I apologize
For shutting up and leaving slow when I'm around

I'll be right in front of you when I've got it all figured out
To be the only one who knows what to do when there ain't no doubt

And all this time will feel like seconds now
And all this time will feel like moments now
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So keep the light on, watch them all rush round
And through it all keep smiling

Do whatever you may decide on
And any place or any time
Through it all you're shining
Just trying to make it right
I won't fight

And all this time will feel like moments now

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