Текст песни Critical Minute

Critical Minute видео клип

  • Skagen
  • Arne C. / Jacobsen
  • Frithjof / Hernaes
  • Jon / Uggen
  • Rolf Yngve / Young
  • Danny
  • Rock
  • hard rock
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Gluecifer - Текст песни Critical Minute

Rack'em up for a straight ruler and take the curse
I've never felt too good but tonight I think I'm feelin' worse
Gotta get some power lotion and go lubin' up them joints
Gimme full speed to the breakdown baby I got terror boilin' in my loins

Critical minute and I'm feelin bad
Just not in it I'm feelin'so goddammn hadGluecifer - Critical Minute -
Critical minute and I'm feelin' down
Just not in it

Stuck with boredom stuck with hate stuck with a really lame debate
Sonic eyeball action and it's meant for me
So pack it up now and be sure to keep it closed
I'm desperately seekin' all the words that I hate the most

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