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Danko Jones
Danko Jones - We Sweat Blood альбом
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  • Tyrice D.
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Danko Jones - Текст песни Strut

Baby Baby's looking better than fine

She's got a brand new dress and she's ready to shine

got her heart broke by some silly guy

Didn't know who the hell he had but she found out just in time

So tonight don't look for Mr. Right

You strap those tight pants on and walk in a straight line

Got the home field advantage cause you're one of a kind,

Pick yourself up leave your self doubt home and just...

Strut Strut...Turn the streets into your catwalk

So Baby who cares if you got your heart stuck

Stuck on a boy who only brought you bad luck

There's no reason for you to feel all bad

If the boy don't want to keep you just make him wish he had because...

It's Friday night and you ain't quite right

You got your back against the wall Danko Jones - Strut - http://ru.motolyrics.com/danko-jones/strut-lyrics.html

But your head ain't on too tight

When you break your heart bad there's someting you outta know honey

One monkey don't stop no show so...

Stut Strut.. Turn the streets into your catwalk (x3)

Get out and get ready

To tell the world that you've arrived

Before you take it outside Baby

Remember to do it in style

Noody cares about second best

Noone will know if you're too shy

Nothing gets done sitting on the fence

The hottest thing you got is confidence

Strut Strut

Strut Strut

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