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Fairground Attraction - Текст песни Ways Of Hate

(J. Hall/ D. Tretola)
The key to the door of fate
Is held by your ways of hate
It will hold better ways to live
When you choose to let it give
If the door slams in your face
Your mind slows down its pace
All the anger, all these things
Make it stop all it brings
Take my hand and follow me
Look and I'll show you what I see
Make a wall and stand in my wayFairground Attraction - Ways Of Hate - http://ru.motolyrics.com/fairground-attraction/ways-of-hate-lyrics.html
It will come out, this is what I say!

If I had the same door as you
Would I lock it as you do?
Do what you do, Say what you say
Would you live or die where you lay?
When the reflection of anger
Shines back in your eyes
You'll see what happened
Blindly say your good-byes!

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