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Eminem - Текст песни Eminem And Proof Freestyle Lyrics

Eminem: "Yo. yo. I started off. yo. yo. My name is Shady, his name is Proof. yo we used to have a roof up on my house, now we have a knock of eight cheese out of the fridge, didn't want to admit I was on welfare when I was 3, plus when I was four, my mother used to leave, she used to always slam the door, say, "goodbye, goodbye marshall. i'm leaving. I'm single but right now I'm going to mingle at bingo. Yea. see you later alligator is what she said. And I was always saying I was freezing cause someone dead cause it was cold inside the house. We never had any heat. Yo Proof used to come walking off right off the street and he's like 'yo what up em, how you doin.' i'm used to be like 'yea man. good to see you dawg but my life is ruined. my mom just left. and left my brother nate and i hate the fact we never had any food on our plate. and then proof said, 'what up em' yo so i said, 'proof why don't you come in'

Proof: "come in, what's up with dat. same goin with cash. came with a goin a blast. togetha. helping it out takin it goin at the trash. with a ball. drivin. 4rn cars. guess it's me. and my man compatrarates black and white. black and overy. and black emphiny. they cant step with me. rough with me. heavenly. they can't see us in this 311 percentency hey yo em:"

Eminem: "haha. i'm comin like hah hah. im feelin like nah nah. and ya all dont want to see me cause i'm ill and with the skill and not just real and i always keep it real and when i peel my garage black after it just got burned down. sorry that my parents weren't always around, but it was really hectic growing up but now I'm always going up and it dont matter now every show i do im always showing up. to the club, drunk as hell, drunk as fuck, drunk as what, can't say that on mtv. but remember little old wimpy me we used to always seem to be on mtv. huh. yea now you can't see me. i know you remember that rhyme, yea wait a minute yo check it out i'm about to flat line. pass the mic back to proof because we get loose to we spray the sippy cup cause we always break loose."

Proof: "hey yo. and we all get your stike like like cadilac. imact t really a ya battle rap. see us next time like calilac. howdyu like that down like a battle rap."

Eminem:" i'm down like a battle lack,i got a pattle rack, to snatch like a cattle lack, cause i'm cadilac. when i be drivin. when i be high or fuckin vivrin. now you can't see me cause i'm be revivin, and survivin, and it's me and every single day in detroit the rappers want to step to me they better get to the point cause they don't understand the way I do it and…and fluid the way i be spittin it and never wittin it cause i be always wanting the witting and …."

Proof: "and yo, we make the next rack like a snail pop like we're fresh you're not. so give it up dont even lose it. your wack, your faggot your fact line needs practice sticks like a cactus. nah you're not a guy you're a actress. fact is kiss my agmin."

Eminem: "agmin. this is my own agmin post i'm 3 corner resident. yo that president is what i'm ressurecting. god i gotta say is wattup to jasmin and J.O.B and the jos they don't help me, they never did. when i was a clever kid, rhymin, always used to go to school and climbing and in fact they all diamond."
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Proof: "hey yo hold up. should up. yea-we doin an interview in an minute or two, we're gunna enter me and you in the da news. when we go excrude."

Eminem: "don't mean to be rude, but yo HOW YOU DOIN MTV, how you doin clerk, HOW YOU DOIN EVERYBODY ELSE IN DA WORLD. you didn't heard that i be freestyle that i be commin up with erupten kicken your mother in your stomach."

Proof: "hey yo. hey yo and all this we all done this in freestyle. ah ah ah dont touch that doll.?"

Eminem: hold it right there. i'm your worst nightmare. wiping your diapers on my eyeshare. when i was this big, nah im still bigger but i'm skinny like a twig. skinny little white boy, growing up i liked noise, i fight once and like joints.

Proof: hey yo. EVERYBODY Looked us for busta bottoms. resta bottoms resta bottoms resta botoms like custa bottoms?back off yea proof an em.

Eminem: and everybody wack and these rumors i hate you and know that i can't stand you.

em & proof: bye bye, bye bye, goodbye bye bye, byeeee buh bye. bye bye. bye.

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