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Emily Osment
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Emily Osment - Текст песни Hate

There has to be a explanation
yeah yeah yeah yeah

Girl you know it
you gotta leave me alone for once

Boy it's got to be the end of this relationship
and I hateeeeeeeeeeeee

That you knew what to do so I won't
stay mad at you
This is just to hard to say but this
cannot be the day that we stay together
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I hate how much i love you
I hate how much you need me
But today is the day we start
the Hateeeeeeeeeeeee

This is gotta stop now
cause I know I'm mad at you

You just gotta learn now
I don't love you anymore

I hate how much I love you
I hate how much I need you
But now we both know that I have
to go cause I hateeeeeeeeeeee


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